Sailing Over the Seven Seas so Blue… Budget and Variety Too

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Cruising larger than life

Cruising larger than life

Lifestyles of the rich and famous…or is it a budget friendly Incentive option?

The joy of cruising! Lazing out on the sun loungers as the world floats by while an attentive waiter brings you another gin and tonic. Dressing up in tuxedos and evening gowns, before trying your hand at the casino. This is lifestyles of the rich and famous bringing to mind those famous cigarette ads of the 80’s along with scenes from a James Bond movie. If this is your opinion of cruising then you are sorely mistaken. Cruising as an Incentive is an incredible way to see the world, and you can do it a thousand times and always see something new. Cruising really does offer something for everyone.

Disembark in Greece

Disembark in Greece

Variety from destination through to dinner

What could be better than starting your trip by unpacking your bags in one city (country) going to bed and waking up in another. Four to seven nights of an ever changing landscape with the transparency. The price you see is the price you pay. No big surprises at the end of the incentive or having to tell your guests that they can’t drink anymore half way through a dinner because the budget has reached its cap.

Cruising allows you to enjoy multiple destinations and activities without the inconveniencing of packing and unpacking multiple times. All meals and entertainment are included with the added benefits of pre purchasing a drinks package, booking a private venue for pre-dinner cocktails, or even taking over one of the ships exclusive restaurant’s for a private event at a nominal fee. Cruising gives you the flexibility, location, and budget all in one.

With breakfast, lunch and dinner included, along with all day snacks, afternoon tea, room service and midnight buffets. Port excursions, rock climbing, shows, talks, mini golf, or just relaxing around the pool, you can do as much or as little as you like.

Banquet in the Med

Banquet in the Med

Bang for your buck

However, cruises are often perceived as expensive. Certainly, cruises around the Mediterranean or the USA can add up when you consider visa and flights, however, there are destinations that are often forgotten about when it comes to shorter cruises with easier access. Cruises out of Singapore or the UAE are often only 4 nights long with flights direct and visas are not required or relatively easy to get.

Junk in Halong Bay

Junk in Halong Bay

Explore unchartered lands and waters

Need to stretch a little further? Consider a sea view cabin. Balconies are lovely, but the point of a cruise is not to be in your cabin, other than to sleep or shower. If guests need some quiet time, there are lounges or libraries, or smalls seating areas scattered around, for them to enjoy.

Most people feel that once you have cruised once, you can’t do it again. Every cruise is different, be it due to the ship, the route, or the group. You wouldn’t refuse to stay at a Hyatt just because you stayed at one previously, and cruising is much the same. Plenty to view and explore all at your fingertips.

Does size matter?

Sailing encompasses much more than the ten-tonne ships cruising the seven seas. There are also barges through the waterways of Europe or the East. Sailing gullets around the coast of Croatia, island hopping as you go. A couple of nights on a junk around the bays of Vietnam, or even a private boat on the Zambezi! If there is water, you can probably find a boat (or ship) to cruise on it!

You could cruise the Caribbean, tanning your tail-feathers as you go, or travel down the inner passage to Alaska and the glaciers. How about a visit to the historical sights of the Med, or the cultural havens of Europe on a barge?

Want something different? Try a cruise through the Panama or Suez Canals. Visit the slowly fading glaciers of Patagonia. Try a trip to the canals of St Petersburg, or watching the lights of Singapore as you sail into the distance…

Fun in the sun sailing

Fun in the sun sailing

Chart your own course

Whichever way you sail, large or small; north, south, east or west; you will always feel the pull of the open water pulling at your soul, to return again and again.



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