We live here on a tiny blue planet, which circles around a ball of fire, next to a moon that moves our sea! Simply put, this is a planet of miracles. Our little blue dot, offers the most diverse selection of destinations to visit, that we can imagine. Surely there is something out there that excites you?

Can You Measure Happiness? In Bhutan You Can!

When you tell your staff that they have qualified to go on an overseas incentive, I am pretty sure you can measure their happiness by the whoops of joy they make! But have you ever heard of a GNH? No, not GDP! GNH stands for General National Happiness scale, and in a tiny land locked country, squashed between China and Burma, that is exactly what they measure. GNH is a “measurement of the collective happiness in a nation” according to Wikipedia.

While the general pillars of measurement include such practical things as cultural values, conservation, good governance and sustainable development (yawn), one has to ask how someone could not be happy here.


While spring (March, April and May) are considered the best times to visit, there is no bad season to visit this tiny jewel of the east.  Set into the foothills of the Himalayas with a total area of just over 35 square km, 72% of it is still covered in natural forest.  One of only two capital cities in Asia with no traffic lights, all traffic is directed by blue uniformed traffic police. This is a typical reflection of how this country combines the historic and the modern.  With Buddhism its major religion, followed closely by Hinduism, it is no wonder than they acknowledge the changes of modernism with the grace of a bowing monk.


This is the place where you will feel time has stood still, and you have stepped back into the pages of history. To visit Bhutan is to leave your fast paced life behind and absorb the deep peace that exists in the forests and mountains. Museums and monuments abound, alongside retreats for meditation, where you can take a deep breath and just “let it go…”

But beware! Just as still waters run deep, so this peaceful life has a fiery side! In this case, its chilli’s! Here it is not a spice; it’s considered a vegetable… The national dish is “ema-datshi”, which is a chilli and cheese stew served with rice. Taste at your own peril!

Getting there is less of an adventure than you would imagine with flights out of most major Indian cities as well as Singapore. In fact, flying into Bhutan’s Paro International Airport is typically an exciting experience as the descent into Paro valley brings you closer to the mountain tops than most other flights in the world.

So when you are looking to plan a trip, that’s more than a little out of the ordinary, with a dash of adventure thrown in, maybe you should consider Bhutan, it’s a little piece of happiness!



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