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Tourvest Incentives, Meetings & Events, a leading integrated Destination Management Organisation has the knowledge, resources and capabilities of assisting educational institutions with their global immersions. We are able to manage all logistics, design, set-up organisation meetings, speakers and political representation in the country, anywhere in the World. We look at programs holistically, considering the outcomes, the organisation and ALP.

We deliberate important exposure to the participants into emerging markets and BRICS countries, relevant to each company. Our programs are a balance between service, adventure, education and community building, to create a once in a life time experience for all participants.

Global immersions help improve strategic thinking and the ability to deliver innovative solutions in an international context. Our programs are customised for our clients and include high impact immersions that will build a global mind-set and change the way you see yourself and the world around you.  Delegates are able to learn from global companies and their diverse scenarios, while at the same time being able to translate these learning’s into actionable practices and innovation in their organisations.

Classroom lessons and business practices in another country is bridged by global immersion.  The opportunity to experience international company visits, cultural activities, and interactive lectures is offered to delegates which expands one’s perspective on how business is conducted around the world.

At the heart of our program lies our two primary values: experience and education.We strive to foster interpersonal relationships and networking opportunities.

We at Tourvest would be delighted to partner with you in creating a world class experiential education with everlasting learning’s and memories.


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