Patagonia, Argentina

 “Don’t cry for me, Argentina.” – Evita the Musical

Ask most people their thoughts on Argentina. Most will bring up Evita (the movie) and the tango. However, Argentina is so much more than either this lady made famous by a musical or a sultry dance.

Fitz Roy mountain near El Chalten, in the Southern Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile. Sunset view from track


Positioned south of tropical Brazil and west of the coast-hugging Chile. Argentina offers a variety of experiences across its diverse countryside. A variety of activities abound a collection of geographical areas from mountain ranges and forests to glaciers. With a coastline that is 5,117 km long with vast rivers criss-crossing the landscape consequently creating fertile grasslands and lush jungles. It hosts one of the greatest ecosystem varieties in the world. With 15 continental zones and 3 oceanic zones, including the Antarctic region.

Buenos Aires Cityscape, Capital City of Argentina

Capital – Buenos Aires a site for sore eyes

Most visits would start in the beautiful Capital city of Buenos Aires. Here old blends with the new in a seamless fashion. You can be forgiven for believing you are in a European capital. The best way to see this city is by foot. Wandering the cobbled avenues allows you to absorb the culture as a local would. Exploring shops, theatres, and museums there is plenty to entertain. Indecently , the more famous of the attractions is the Recoleta Cemetery. Here is where Evita’s tomb still draws fans who deposit flowers in memoriam. Artists and street performances can be seen everywhere and add a little spice to your leisurely stroll.

Typical empanadas with salsa souse

Late afternoon, is the time to return to the hotel for a siesta, as dinner here starts much later than usual. In fact many restaurants don’t even open before 9pm. Dinner shows are popular for first time visitors but you can eat from almost any country in the world here. Must haves are the traditional empanada’s a 3-bite pastry filled with meat and veggies. Perhaps a magnificent Argentinean steak followed by anything with Dulce de Leche. All this deliciousness can be washed down with the  world famous local Argentinian wine. Once dinner has concluded you will be able to experience the city known for its exotic and festive nightlife. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself walking back to your hotel as the dawn breaks, shoes in hand and a dance in your step.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina. Perito Moreno is a glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park in the Argentinian Patagonia

All four seasons in one Country

If the budget allows, somewhere on everyone’s bucket list should be the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in the south of the country.  Among the earth’s most accessible glaciers, it is 30km long, 5km wide and 60m high, and constantly on the move, creeping forward 2m per day.  For those with a little more budget to play with invest your time and energy in exploring the waterways around Patagonia on a cruise. Sailing through remote channels and reaching islands virtually untouched by man. You will witness fjords, snow-capped mountains and granite peaks with azure glacial lakes below. There are plenty opportunities to view elephant seals, migrating whales, colonies of Magellanic penguins, and cormorants from the comfort of your vessel and during shore excursions led by naturalist guides.

Tourists at Iguazu Falls, one of the world’s great natural wonders, on the border of Brazil and Argentina

New 7 Natural Wonders

To the north, is the spectacular Iguazú Falls adjoining Brazil. Set in a rainforest and national park, this chain of hundreds of waterfalls, stretches nearly 3 km, and the sound can be quite overwhelming! Classified as one of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature” and considered the largest waterfall systems in the world.

Iguaza Falls Argentina side

Guacho’s –  Migratory horseman 

No visit to Argentina would be complete without a day tour to a local working ranch. Guacho’s are synonymous with Argentina and guests can experience their life for a day. The tour begins with a short stop at the local village. Followed by riding a horse through the countryside to a traditional BBQ lunch fit for a king. To top it all off a demonstration of the Guacho’s and their legendary riding skills will leave you utterly amazed.

A Gaucho rides a horse in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Argentina spans an area of nearly 2,780,400 km2. The vastness of the landscape is home to a variety of adventures. From mountains and valleys, to beaches, glaciers and jungles, amazing food and wine, adrenaline filled activities, history, culture and incredible people! The list is endless.

So come tango with us in Argentina, an exotic incentive destination rediscovered!

Couple tango in Argentina



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