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Mention Mauritius to most corporate clients as a possible incentive destination, and you will see them stifle a yawn. “Everyone has been there, why would we go?” they’ll ask, but have they really?

Mauritius is often considered boring because it assumed most people have been there. But when you actually ask people if they have, less than expected have actually visited this beautiful tropical island! In Charlie’s opinion, even if they have, so what? A tropical island is still a tropical island!

Add to that, the variety of hotels to choose from and accessibility from South Africa and it never seems to amaze that more people don’t go there. In fact, South Africans still only make up less than 10% of the visitors, despite the 2-3 flights a day!

To some,   sitting on a beach, your feet being lapped up by the balmy Indian Ocean sipping on a Pina Colada, might not be considered fun. I am not sure these people work in the frantic world the rest of us do! As most of us would give our left arm to sit still and be served hand and foot for a couple of days.

Port louis le caudan waterfront umbrellas capital of Mauritius

Mauritius is not without its fun and adventurous activities. If relaxing by the pool does not “do it” for you, most hotels offer a range of on-site activities from tennis and water-sports, to world-class spas, and even rock climbing walls! There is some amazing championship level golf courses, and tax-free shopping, to be had as well.

If you are looking for something a little more out of the box, there is everything from catamaran cruises to private islands; undersea walks (imagine walking along the bottom of the sea with a bubble on your head!); glass bottomed kayaking; hiking trails; canyoning at Tamarin Falls and electro-bike trails!

Obviously, most of the activities are based around the water (it is an island, after all), but you don’t need to stick to the boring old ways of doing things. Why not transfer from the airport to the hotel by speedboat? How about a breakfast picnic on the beach? Do part of your excursion in a vintage car instead of a coach? We know rum is an essential part of the island, but have you tried flavouring your own rum, after a traditionally prepared Mauritian lunch, in a home that’s been converted into a restaurant?

Tired of the normal tours and activities? Try a sugar factory tour or even a tea plantation tour, where you can discover the real history of the island, followed by a tasting! How about a tour of the REAL factory shops on the island? Some high-end products, such as Earthchild and a well-known brand of sunglasses are manufactured in Mauritius. Walk away with a good pair of shades at a bargain price and a unique experience found only in Mauritius.

Woman picking tea leaves at tea plantation in Mauritius

Mauritius is a good fit for almost every budget and group dynamic. Its offers fully inclusive resorts (so no rude surprises when you get back to the office), a range of hotels from good quality 4 stars to luxury 5 stars where someone will even unpack your bags! Groups can enjoy a good mix of together and alone time, with dine-around dinners, or gala events with all the bells and whistles (not to mention fireworks!) Leisure time is always good, but that doesn’t mean the activities need to be boring.  So step out of your corporate comfort zone, and into a much more comfortable pair of shorts and slops, and take time out to just chill!

Beach Fireshow

Beach Fireshow Credit MIC MauritiusThere is a reason Mauritius remains the NUMBER 1 destination for South Africans in the Incentive market, why not go find out for yourself.


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