It’s time to head back into Turkey.  The launch of Istanbul’s new airport in April 2019 (set to be fully functional by the end of the 2019), is expected to be world’s busiest airport.  During just the first phase of development the airport is able to receive 90 million passengers annually.   

Turkey has something else up their sleeve – a new cruise port on the city’s Galata waterfront, earmarked to open 2020. The port will welcome back all major cruise lines who have announced they will be returning to Turkey after hitting pause on visiting the country over the past three years.

Why is Turkey a must see for 2019? Other than it’s state of the art airport and new cruise port which will enhance sea and air access to Turkey, there are really great reasons to travel to Turkey in 2019:

1.      The Turkish delight:  where else to taste this sweet, royal delicacy with its illustrious past, one of the most ancient sweets in the world!

2.      The People. Not to sound too cliché but Turkey really does have some of the most hospitable people we’ve ever come across!

3.      The Food. Flavour, flavour, flavour! With Middle Eastern, Asian and European influences, Turkey has some of the best food in the world –  from kebabs, falafel and humus to stews, shwarmas,  breads and regional specialities (in additional to international brands).The  Adani Kebabi which had a touch of spice in it – is a MUST try!

4.      Off The Beaten Path. This is easy to do  – Turkey has its main tourist draws, but outside of them, you can wander off and explore your own piece of the city, or you can comfortably take a bus to a random town that no one goes to…that’s where the real Turkish hospitality will be found.

5.      The Ruins Of Ani. These ancient, isolated ruins are set in the far eastern side of Turkey right on the Armenian border. The scenery here is stunning and the ruins are in great condition. If you make it all the way out here, you won’t be disappointed!

6.      Hiking Around Cappadocia. The Marioland-Flintstone’ish landscapes around Cappadocia are truly splendid and a must see! There are many independent hikes you can do through different valleys and rock formations, each with its own shape and colour.

7.      The Hammams. These traditional, ancient bath houses have been around for many, many years. There are some private ones that you can go into for some special scrub skin treatments  – your skin will never feel so smooth.  Must try the Cagaloglu Hamami in Instabul – a sensory delight!

8.      The Bazaars. Spending a day in one of Turkey’s bazaars is an onslaught of the senses and an experience in itself! The hustle and bustle, the smells, the people and the energy in these places is phenomenal.  From Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to the quieter, tourist-free bazaars in the east, they are all exciting!

Value For Money.  Since a portion of Turkey is part of the European Union, people 

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